08 January 2014

1986 - "Hands Up If You Use Right Guard, Hands Down If You Don't..."

You know, here at '80s Actual, we always go the extra mile for our adoring fans (bless you both!), but a question we received in early December had us stumped:

'80s were the decade of the Shake and Vac woman, "We hope it's chips, it's chips", BT (Beattie), "We've got the Jewson lot", "Co-Co Pops, Mr Spock", and so on. But this is driving me crazy. I recall a TV ad from around the late 1980s for a deodorant in which people put their hands up if they used it, but lowered them if they didn't. I know it sounds mad, but it's true, I swear it! I can't find it anywhere. Do you remember it?

Well, dear reader, I recall a lot of the 1980s through a kind of haze... colourful, eventful, youthful times for me and pretty chaotic, so I didn't. But I put a call out, explored YouTube and I think I've found it. It's from 1986 and is for Right Guard - and I recall it now. Very witty jingle, which I've now got stuck in my head. I've been going around singing it all day. Is this it? Would be more than a tad grateful if you'd let me know! x


Peter Gray said...

I love the catchy jingle...the couple running towards eah other rings a bell..

Drew said...

The jingle is still stuck in my head, Peter! It's infuriatingly catchy! I remembered the ad when I saw it. Great fun. Wish it was 1986 again! Oh, to be twenty-one-years-old! Great days for me.

Rod said...

Hope you used Right Guard, pops! Lol!

Drew said...

Used just about everything on the market - you should have seen my bathroom cabinet! No nasty niffs for me! :)