01 August 2013

1981 - Mr Rubik - The Barron Knights

The Barron Knights gave us the album Twisting The Knights Away in 1981, and reflected the year's main craze on the cover and in one of the tracks - the Rubik's Cube! The Cube blasted out from behind the Iron Curtain, Hungary to be exact, where it had been known as Magic Cube, to become Rubik's Cube in 1980 - re-manufactured to Western World safety and packaging norms. Sadly, Cubes were in woefully short supply. Although the trademark was registered in May 1980, the first of them did not arrive in the UK until just before Christmas. In the spring of 1981 more Cubes arrived. The craze flamed, and was so ferocious that the colourful little object become one of the main icons of the 1980s. Hear the Barron Knights' humorous Rubik's  Cube song below, with some clever modern day Cube animation that just suits the mood - and evokes very powerfully the spirit of 1981! Mr Rubik was, of course, the puzzle's inventor, Erno Rubik, and much more can be read about the Cube by clicking on our "Rubik's Cube" label below.

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Mick said...

On the subject of music and references, I advise looking for a copy of MAKING MUSIC EDITED BY GEORGE MARTIN. It doesn't matter if you couldn't care less about studios, it's truly a tome of authentic retro '80s, seen through the eyes of the guys who had all the best toys.

If you were young and ready to rock, fired up by the Ghostbusters music as everyone apparently was, the book told you how to get started whatever your level and dream, giving you a layman-terms conducted tour of the scene frozen in place.

I showed off a couple of pages of my copy here, which I hope you'll look at as I've had a pretty nice time trawling Ebay for these lovely odds and sods: