07 May 2013

Capturing The 1980s Sporty Look...

Fashion snobs like to call this Adidas top "classic" (don't mention the '80s), but actually it's pure 1980s.

Pete has written:

OK then, you say the 1980's were great for fashions! How would I wear an 80's sporty look without looking like a complete and utter dick head in a shell suit type thing?

Like the above! I wore this today and it's glorious. It dates from the mid-1980s when sportswear was becoming more colourful and the "80s casuals" thing was in full swing. The colour scheme and design was new and groundbreaking, and simply screams "1984! 1985! 1986! 1987!" Wear and enjoy! Similar designs do crop up on on-line auction sites now. Keep a look out!

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