25 April 2013

Images Of The 1980s: Rubik's Cube, Yuppie, Mobile Phone...

I love this imagery from publicity material for National Geographic's The '80s: The Decade That Made Us series, a look back at my favourite decade from an American perspective. The image features the Rubik's Cube - a re-named and re-manufactured version of an obscure Hungarian puzzle toy (Hungary was then very much behind the Iron Curtain!), released in 1980 and resulting in a HUGE craze which made all others pale into insignificance, a yuppie - acronym for young urban professional - bursting on to the scene in America in the early 1980s to take advantage of Reaganomics - and quickly bursting on to the scene in England to take advantage of Thatcherism, and a brick sized mobile phone - the first, the Motorola 8000x, was unveiled in America in 1983, and the first call in England made by comedian Ernie Wise on 1 January 1985. Such memories! Such colourful times! Please click on the labels below to find out more about Rubik's Cube, yuppies, and mobile phones.

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