10 March 2011

The Tandy Realistic TRC-1001

Graham has written:

Hope I'm hitting you tree-top tall, good buddy!

I love your article on the CB radio craze, and note it includes a newspaper ad for the Tandy Realistic TRC-1001.

Do you have any idea when this became available, as I have one stashed away in the back of my wardrobe and it's got me feeling nostalgic for the '80s citizens' band days, and curious to date it!

I can help you, Graham! The newspaper ad above, from the Daily Mirror, Nov 5, 1981, records that the Tandy Realistic was going on sale from November 26th, but orders were being taken NOW.

What a shame we can't pop back to those days...

My main CB radio article, which includes lots about the wonderful Sheila Tracy and her BBC radio show the Truckers' Hour, is here.

And to return to CB radio lingo - I'm down and I'm gone!


Anonymous said...

Sheila Tracy was the truckers' CB heroine of the early 1980s - my friend's uncle was a proud "Tracy's Trucker" - he had a sticker in his lorry!

Anonymous said...

Wow i saw this article on the web, so went into my loft and found my old STILL working TRC 1001 but nobody answered me, i wonder if its worth anything