03 June 2010

Neighbours 25th Anniversary Poll - The Results!

271 people voted in our poll to find '80s Actual readers' favourite 1980s Neighbours character.

So, without further ado, here are the results...

Top favourite was Ramsay Street gossip Mrs Mangel, played by the English actress Vivean Gray from 1986 to 1988. She scored twenty-three votes. Mrs Mangel was vinegary and disapproving, and delighted in stirring up trouble. Her battles with "that Ramsay woman", Madge (Anne Charleston), were a lively ingredient in the Neighbours brew back then.

Mrs Mangel had a kinder side - she cared deeply for granddaughter Jane Harris (Annie Jones), was a good friend to Eileen Clarke (Myra De Groot) and doted on Bouncer the lovable Labrador.

But at the end of the day, she was pure poison to many.


Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) is an '80s Neighbours Top Man - sharing the title with Jim Robinson, original head of the Robinson clan, and Mrs Mangel's son, Joe (Mark Little).

Harold attracted sixteen votes in our poll, and once wooed and won Madge Ramsay. Prissy, sometimes pompous, and always allergic to dog hairs, Harold meant well, enjoyed pumpkin soup and totally rejected any form of gambling - he called poker "The Devil's Tiddlywinks"!

Jim Robinson (Alan Dale) - good old Jim, head of the Robinson family, scored sixteen votes in our poll, and shares the honour of '80s Actual readers' favourite Neighbours male character with Harold Bishop and Joe Mangel.

Father of Paul (Stefan Dennis), Julie (Vikki Blanche), Scott (Darrius Perkins/Jason Donovan) and Lucy (Kylie Flinker/Sasha Close), Jim's wife, Anne, had died some years before. In 1988, he married Dr Beverly Marshall (Lisa Armytage) and found himself with kids in his care again when Todd and Katie Landers (Kristian Schmidt and Sally Jenson), Beverly's nephew and niece, arrived on the scene.

Mark Little as Joe Mangel. When Henry Ramsay (Craig McLachlan) discovered a buried gun in Mrs Mangel's back garden in 1988, the scene was set for Nell's long-lost son Joe to appear. Joe turned out to be a nice bloke, down to earth, bit of a "larrikin" but really a lovely geezer. Mark Little graduated from NIDA (the National Institute of Dramatic Art) in 1981. He then appeared in several TV drama series - including The Sullivans and The Flying Doctors - before becoming Joe Mangel in 1988.

With 16 votes in our poll, Joe Mangel shares the top spot as Neighbours favourite 1980s male character with Harold Bishop and Jim Robinson.

The exact oposite to Mrs Mangel - Helen Daniels (Anne Haddy) was the caring, coping matriarch of Ramsay Street. She scored sixteen votes in our poll.

Anne Haddy was a respected Australian actress - and she had previous soap experience, playing Rosie the housekeeper in Sons and Daughters.

Ah - happy days! Feisty Charlene Mitchell (Kylie Minogue) scored fifteen votes in our poll.

Charlene's partner in romance and marriage, studious Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan), scored nine. Scott and Charlene (or "Lennie" as she was often called) helped make Neighbours a "must-watch" in the mid-to-late 1980s.

Both Kylie and Jason soon visited the pop charts. They were so lucky (lucky, lucky lucky).

Dependable Daph - former stripper Daphne Lawrence/Clarke (Elaine Smith) - scored fifteen votes. She was bequeathed the running of the local coffee shop by her grandfather, and, after a change of premises, turned it into the hub of the community.

Daphne was an all-Australian girl - but Elaine Smith is British, a Scot born in Largs, Aryshire.

Eileen Clarke (Myra De Groot), mother of Des (Paul Keane) was Nell Mangel's best friend, and Miss De Groot once described her as being as "mad as a meat axe"! The death of Myra in 1988 saw the character departing from Erinsborough to go on a competition-won tour of Europe. She was sadly missed. Eileen scored fourteen points in our poll.

English-born Myra De Groot arrived in Australia in 1980. She made her soap debut in the long-running wartime saga The Sullivans.

Sally Wells (Rowena Mohr) is rather an obscure Neighbours character - she arrived in the show in late 1987, and departed again in 1988. But she obviously struck a chord with two of our readers, who voted her their favourite 1980s character in our poll.

Sally turned up searching for her half-brother and her father. Her half-brother turned out to be Des Clarke. Her father was Eileen's ex-husband, Malcolm, and the product of an affair years before.

Sally found herself romanced by Henry Ramsay, but did not want a relationship. She found her dad, became quite close to Des, and, against all odds, forged a relationship with Eileen, who was desperately hurt by the news of her husband's betrayal with Sally's mother.

Gail Robinson (Fiona Corke) married Paul (Stefan Dennis), head honcho at Lassiters. Gail looked truly wonderful in shoulder pads (the character had her own wardrobe, supplied by Kamizole), and originally married Paul purely for business reasons. But the couple fell in love, and survived many traumas in true soap style, including the discovery that Gail's father was not her biological father - she had been adopted.

Gail and Paul enrolled in the IVF programme in 1988 after Gail revealed that she was unable to have children. She ended up expecting triplets, but beat a speedy retreat from Ramsay Street in 1989 when Fiona Corke decided to leave the show. Gail received ten votes.

Below are listed the full results of our poll:

The '80s Actual Neighbours Poll

Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson
Julie Robinson (Vikki Blanche)
Scott Robinson 1 (Darius Perkins)
Scott Robinson 2 (Jason Donovan)
Paul Robinson
Lucy Robinson 1 (Kylie Flinker)
Lucy Robinson 2 (Sasha Close)
Dr Beverley Marshall 1 (Lisa Armytage)
Dr Beverley Marshall 2 (Shaunna O'Grady)
Todd Landers
Katie Landers
Nick Paige
Hilary Robinson
Gail Lewis/Robinson
Rob Lewis
Max Ramsay
Danny Ramsay
Shane Ramsay
Maria Ramsay
Madge Mitchell/Ramsay/Bishop
Charlene Mitchell/Robinson
Henry Mitchell/Ramsay
Des Clarke
Daphne Lawrence/Clarke
Eileen Clarke
Mike Young
Mrs Mangel
Jane Harris
Joe Mangel
Dr Clive Gibbons
Terri Inglis/Robinson
Toby Mangel 1 (Finn Greentree-Keane)
Brownwyn Davies
Sharon Davies
Melanie Pearson
Rosemary Daniels
Nikki Dennison
Tony Romeo
Sally Wells
Harold Bishop

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