22 May 2010

Pac-Man - 30th Anniversary - 1980-2010

On 22 May 1980, a Namco arcade game called Puck Man was first released in Japan. In those days, shoot 'em up games like Space Invaders ruled (the Invaders were just consolidating their grip on the UK in 1980!), but within a year or two Puck-Man, now renamed Pac-Man, was everywhere.

Read our original article on Pac-Man here and many happy returns (or WACCA WACCA WACCA!) to our favourite arcade game - and one of the ultimate 1980s icons!

We love ya - now, then, forever!



Anonymous said...

I feel old! Happy birthday, little fella!

Tom said...

Is it just me, or is everyone else playing the Pac Man game on Google's home page?

Drew said...

I think just about everybody IS playing it!

Unknown said...

I love PAC Man, here's to the next 30 years 🍒