27 April 2010

Neighbours 1988: Harold Bishop And The Devil's Tiddlywinks...

Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) - "Poker is the Devil's Tiddlywinks..."

A lovely e-mail from Cerys, who has read our recent material on the Australian soap Neighbours:

I loved that show in the '80s! It was a wow across England, Scotland and Wales - as big, if not bigger, than our home grown soaps. Those Ramsay Street years still stand tall in my memory, although some of the details are perhaps a little blurry!

I recall the wonderful fuddy duddy Harold Bishop making a comment about gambling being the "devil's tiddlywinks". Can you tell me the details?

As regards the original version of the theme tune, it was definitely "perfect plan" that was sung, not "perfect blend". The "blend" version began in the early 1990's.

Keep up the good work here - this is definitely the 1980's as they actually happened!

Thanks, Cerys! You're very kind.

In Neighbours, Harold Bishop commented to Henry Ramsay in 1988:

"Henry, you know I don't approve of gambling. Poker is the Devil's tiddlywinks!"

We never actually heard Harold say it as far as I'm aware - Henry reported the fact to Scott Robinson, with a wickedly accurate impersonation of Harold!

A very funny scene, although Scott wasn't amused, simply commenting that Harold was a "dag" and asking why he said things like that?

Of course, Henry didn't know!

But then that was Harold.

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