23 December 2009

Christmas Greetings!

Another year almost over... and the 1980s become even further away.

Next year 1980 will be thirty years ago. Yes, thirty. It doesn't seem possible. This was a very decisive year for the decade as Ronald Reagan was elected US President in November. And from America soon would come the word "yuppie" and a whole host of ripple effect changes.

From Adam and the Ants to Pump Up The Jam, from the Rubik's Cube craze to the invention of the World Wide Web, the 1980s brought many, many changes.

And now they are the increasingly distant past.

But the memories remain.

Stay tuned to '80s Actual in the New Year for much more 1980s nostalgia - and if that wondrous, turbulent decade sometimes seems so very far away, just turn on your computer, pop over here, and remember that, when it comes to the '80s:

"We'll always be together - however far it seems - we'll always be together - together in electric dreams..."


Peter Gray said...

Yes I'm now 35! 20th Dec 1974..

it is scary how the 80's can be so far away..

Happy Christmas
and Happy New year

you are on my blog rolling news at my blog...

Drew said...

Belated birthday greetings, Peter - and all the best for Christmas and the New Year. Thanks for putting '80s Actual in your blog rolling news section.

I must come over to your blog for a good, long read!

Anonymous said...

and a merry christmas to you as well!

love the blog (& everything 80's) thanks for taking the time and effort to keep it going!