10 February 2013

Fashion Trends Of The 1980s: Doorknocker Ear-Rings - Modelled Here By Neneh Cherry...

Here's Neneh Cherry giving us her BRILLIANT Buffalo Stance and sporting a pair of 1980s doorknocker ear- rings.

'80s ear-rings were often a nightmare - there was the putrid, coloured plastic variety; the axe head variety (looked very brutal indeed) and the studded doughnut (often black, but appeared to be studded with metal- went well with studded black lycra).

And then there was the doorknocker.

Who's looking good today?
Who's looking good in every way?

Er, Neneh, I hate to tell you...

But back in 1988 Neneh looked very, very trendy indeed.

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Liddie said...

At least the 1980's managed to look highly distinctive. I've heard that a 1990's revival is in the wind. But that would just be a revival of a revival.