20 February 2009

Saturday Wrestling On The Telly...

Much-loved Big Daddy, aka Shirley Crabtree, advertising Daddies Sauce/Ketchup in 1985.

World of Sport had begun in 1965, with Dickie Davis arriving as anchorman in 1968. The TV Times cutting shown above is from March 1985 - with the show nearing the end of its run.
Most people I knew, regardless of gender, loved the wrestling.
My gran thought it was "better than a trip to the pantomime"; cousin Sue watched to ogle young men like Danny Collins; my mates and I watched " 'cos it was a right larf".
Wrestling continued to crop up on ITV on Saturdays after the end of World of Sport.
So that was all right.

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Ado said...

Saturday afternoon wrestling, who can forget those classic encounters between Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks? I always prefered World of Sport to Grandstand and loved Saint & Greavsie whom through World of Sport gained their own Saturday afternoon show.