13 June 2009

1980 And 1981: The Adventure Game And Moira Stuart - The UK's First Black Female TV Newsreader...

The Sun, 6 June, 1981...

Great, Ms Stuart was fine as a BBC newsreader. But she didn't need to acquaint herself with some of us who had met her via the TV screen in 1980. Remember? Doog yrev!

Don't know what I'm on about? Oh, very well - Moira had previously appeared in the first series of the absolutely wonderful BBC series The Adventure Game, as an alien who sometimes wore very fashionable boiler suits!

Remember Darong? And Dorgan? And Gandor? And Gnoard? And the Drogna Game? And how many Argonds Round The Pond? And the Rangdo of Arg? Was he an aspidistra or a teapot? Or both? What about the terrifying Vortex - the mind-numbing fear of being evaporated and having to walk home? Or those green cheese rolls? Or that series when Lesley Judd turned out to be a mole?

Bliss. Much better than the dreary old news!

Darong as Moira Stuart, Gandor as Christopher Leaver and Gnoard as Charmian Gradwell welcome you to the planet Arg.

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Peter Gray said...

love made me laugh at the memory..
hope it will be released on dvd one day..or repeated again on Challenge much better than Knightmare..

maybe it could be remade for today...