28 September 2008

Speak And Spell

A newspaper advertisement from December 1980, featuring a "Speak & Spell". This clever push-button operated gadget was originally released in America in July 1978. In 1980, a new membrane keyboard model (pictured below) debuted - although the version featured in the ad above is of the push button variety.

Do not run away with the idea that all kids were playing with Speak & Spells at Christmas 1980. For many families £44.95 was an absurd amount for an individual present - remember there was a recession on.

Purse-string holders in my family did not even consider objects like the Speak & Spell for purchase until somewhat later in the decade.

We had our own English-speaking version here as there are many differences between American English and English as it is spoken in England and the other nations of the UK.

Speak & Spell later went on to great fame - appearing in a certain film about a stranded alien. Click here for details!

"That is correct!"

A Speak & Spell with membrane keyboard, released in 1980.

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